ASSOCIUM Benefits is pleased to provide a group health benefits plan for franchise owners of The UPS Stores and their employees across Canada.  This plan has been designed to be cost conscious for the franchisees, and to be cost stable year over year. Franchisees can choose between two different offerings of health and dental coverage: Basic and Upgrade

Plan Design

  • All employees must be included in the plan. Everyone has life insurance coverage.
  • Individual employees may opt out of health and dental coverage if they are covered elsewhere through a spouse or partner’s health plan. Evidence of that coverage must be provided.

Life Insurance

  • A base amount of $25000 of life insurance coverage. No medical questions required for this level of coverage.
  • Amounts greater than $25000 are available (to a max equal to annual salary). A medical questionnaire is necessary.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

  • Each employee is covered for twice the life insurance amount if their death is accidental.
  • If an employee has an accident that results in the loss of a finger, limb, or eye (for example) then there is a payout based on the loss. (Please see detailed description for exact values).
  • 10% critical illness coverage included. If someone is diagnosed with one of the life threatening illnesses listed, and lives for 30 days, there will be a payout of 10% of the life insurance value.
  • Additional Critical Illness coverage is available on a personalized plan basis. Please ask for details.

Dependent Life Insurance

  • Employees who have a family can add dependent life insurance coverage for spouse/life partner and dependent children.

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

ASSOCIUM Benefits can set up a group RRSP plan for The UPS Stores. Plans are flexible with low management fees, and a wide variety of investment options.